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Customer comments

We feel confident that you will love our hair and beauty products, but don't just take our word for it - here are some comments from our satisfied customers.

Leigh Storey - Auckland New Zealand

I love your cream palette concealer, the fact that it blends with your skin tone, regardless of season, white in winter & tanned in the summer.... just wish it was in NZ

Lynn Zullo - Warrington

Love these products have been using them for years now.

J Morton - Oxfordshire

I bought this product at a show at the NEC. It's the best foundation I've ever used and it does what it says on the tin! Coverage is excellent without being heavy.

T Brooks-Simpson - Scunthorpe

I have used these products for a number of years now and wouldn't use anything else!

C Dominguez - Cardiff
I love this Double Cream product and I've run out can you send it asap thankyou

A Hosanne - Sydney

I love the Terracotta Pressed Powder blush from the Nubian Beauty range

E Phillips - Oxford

Helen É, where have you been all my life?  I discovered you at the Gift Fair last year and love your products.  My daughter and I are particularly addicted to your Skin Smoother x

L Martin - Doncaster

Photo Finish compact foundation is so much lighter and more natural looking than other compact foundations I have tried.  Love it :)

A Percival - Chester

I have used Helen É products before and especially love the Cover it Concealer, its full coverage and great for under the eyes

S Gill - Hayes

I am purchasing this lip gloss for the second time. First time I bought it was from the Ideal Home Show and it is brilliant!! I just have to buy it again. It doesn't dry up, doesn't come off quickly and is a lovely colour! Thanks Helen!

E Hill - Bridgwater

Absolutely love the Skin Smoother! Natural coverage, leaves my skin lovely and soft, does not clog my pore or cause any skin problems like my previous foundation.  Would not use anything else now!

S Loxton - Rotherham

Love this makeup, it's the best I have found!

E Lowe - Graves End

Love the Skin Smoother! Takes me 10 minutes to do my make up now. Perfect finish!

M Jeffcott - Stone

Love this product have used it now for 12 years and got quite a few friends onto it too!

S Carneiro - London
I have been using Helen É for 8 years now and love the natural effect of the products and the ease of application. Trying a new shade of Colour Gloss in Redcurrent!

E Lowe - Gravesend
I love the Skin Smoother. Takes me 10 minutes to do my make up now. Perfect finish!

T Gowlett - London
I love your Love Blush and have been using it for years . Excellent size and good value for money

J Sells - Peterborough
I love the Photo Finish! It's the best! I have such pale skin and this is the only cover up i have found that suits me - its amazing and lasts all day. Couldn't recommend it more!

B Broadbent - London
I have been using Diva Pressed Powder for many years and will continue to do so. it makes me look fab!!!

S Snee - Dagenham
I have used the Double Creme for the last 15 years and will continue to do so. It covers any skin colour. Would not use anything else

C Wood - Birmingham
Love the Skin Smoother, it's brilliant x

S Argyle - London
Ordered many times before, Impressed with speedy delivery!

M Brook - Barnsley
I love these Sparkle Glitter Pots with plenty of colours to choose from and really look great when on. would definitley recommend them

S Fox - Aylesbury
Diva and Love Blush Powder, works wonder on your face :)

A Hughes - Flintshire
I love your Skin Smoother product. I came across them Christmas shopping years ago in Debenhams and haven't used anything else on my face

M Davies - Lincoln
My mum absolutely loves your range..hence this little Christmas pressie. Att 70 she looks amazing...Skin Smoother is her favourite

S Van Der Draay - Bolton
Skin Smoother is such an easy product to use and really can't recommend it enough!

S Fitzsimons - Leicestershire
I cannot imagine life without my Helen É Skin Smoother Double Creme!

M Grossniklaus - Scunthorpe
Helen É products are good quality products you can rely on. They're very reasonably priced for professional quality make-up. I love it!

V Lewis - Sussex
Very good Eye Shadow Primer, tried others prefer this one!

M Skidmore - Walsall
All the products I have had from you have been excellent and better than I could buy on the high street!

G Harrison - Liverpool
Absolutely love the Skin Smoother, never without it now!

C Tiffin - Lewes
Always use the Skin Smoother! A great everyday coverage. Not to thick or unnatural looking

B Clarke - Macclesfield
How easy to use the Skin Smoother make up - go on holiday pale, get a tan - same makeup - wow!!!

M Elliot - Cambridgshire
Really good I use the face make up mousse and twin pallet in the winter lovely cover and lasts all day

M Archer - Cornwall
I have loved your products for years! Please start a student discount! xx

L Davey - Portugal
After more than 15 years I'm still a happy customer now in my 70's

V Chalmers - Shropshire
This Double Cream Skin Smoother foundation makes my skin look flawless!

J Dalby - Plymouth
I have just found this Helen E LIP CRAYON IN CELEBRITY amongst my 30 odd lipsticks l have in my drawers, well its absolutely smashing and stayed on all day,so will use this now and have ordered another,the colour is perfect now as getting older l need to tone the pink down and this is perfect. thank you.!

D Whitting - Attleborough
Intense Eye Shadow brown is the best eye shadow I have ever found!

F Stone - Kent
I absolutely love the Double Cream Skin Smoother and have been using it for over 5 years now. I love the way it goes on and feels light on my face. It lasts all day too. A great product!

A Halliwell - Manchester
Back again! LOVE my skin smoother, dewy skin, all day - Perfect!

S Knock - West Midlands
The Skin Smoother Double Cream is the best foundation I have ever used after years of waisting money on different ones, great coverage and feels like you have no make up on, love it!

L Appleby - Alnwick
I have worn this Double Cream foundation for over 4 years and it's flawless. The only one I ever use! Gives me a nicer complexion and boosts my confidence! Definitely recommend it!

S Robinson - Grimsby
Bought this Skin Smoother product at the Birmingham Wedding Fair last year and it has only just run out, brilliant product makes my skin look amazing!

J Whitehead - Canterbury
Extremely happy with my Double Cream make up

Helen Betts Pattell
Can't wait for my skin smoother to arrive, I've run out and can't live without it!

J Marrison - Gloucestershire
Best eye pencil I have ever had and only bought it by chance after seeing special offer in a newspaper

J Smith - London
Thank you, I look forward to receiving my Creme and Concealer Duo Skin Smoother and using the product/s. I complimented a friend at a class we attend and she recommended your products to me

S Handscome - Yorkshire
I couldn't live without your Double Cream Skin Smoother!

A Halliwell - Wigan
Absolutely love the Skin Smoother Make-up. It makes my skin look dewy and glowing

A Primer - Kidderminster
I love your products and have been using them for many years. The quality of the products is consistent and excellent

P Fox - Birmingham
I was given the Bronzer Pressed Powder from a friend who didnt use it. I loved it and have scraped the last bit out of the compact. I have bought three bronzers from various makes but cant find one the same. Don't know why I didnt think of going on line. It would have saved me a lot of money. Cant wait for my order to be delivered!

M Gaze - Buckinghamshire
I Love the Long Lasting Lipstick in Damson

C Lewis - Llanelli
Easy to use website. Love the oil free Photo finish. Perfect ;)

L Phillipson - Gloucestershire
Love this Skin Smoother make up, discovered it at Good Food Show/Gardeners World at NEC last June and haven't looked back.

S O Neill - North Ayrshire
I have used your products for 10 years, I am now 73 and with your help I don't look too bad. with the Double Cream palette my skin is free of blemishes which gives me confidence

J Eckersley - Birmingham
I have struggled with very sensitive reactive skin for the last 7 years of ivf hormone treatment. Now got a beautiful baby girl but my skin is still suffering. Helen É skin smoother (oil free version) is the ONLY product that has worked for me! It's amazing and I will now never be without. Miracle product!

A Halliwell - Greater Manchester
I have used the Skin Smoother for a while now, its fantastic and makes my skin so healhty and dewy looking! Lasts all day too!

A Grahame - Mulgrave
I am yet to find any other makeup like your Skin Smoother that gives me such good cover whilst still feeling light and non-oily.From an economy point of view it lasts me an amazingly long time and hence I get good value for my money

C Capelin - Cardiff
This is my 4th order for Photo Finish oil free formula foundation. It's by far the best!

C Ellicott - Reddich
I always purchase Helen É make-up. Fantastic look at reasonable price

J Parker - Lancashire
This Skin Smoother product is amazing and the service is excellent too!

S Gerrard - Chester
I wasn't sure if I had chosen the right colour but the first time I wore Lipstick in Dusk to work, 3 colleagues commented on how well it complimented my skin colour so now I need another one as it's running out and I love it!

J Mason - Reddich
Very good products and efficient service, I can recommend Helen É Cosmetics

L Turner - West Midlands
I am severely visually impaired and love working with Skin Smoother Double Cream make up. It has a nice feel both before and after application and is not messy. It is also long lasting so worth every pound. If I can work with this product, anyone can!! Highly recommended.

R McParland - Banbridge
I have been using the Stage Liquid Foundation for the past month now and I absolutely love it! Very pleased with the whole set I purchased with basically everything in the case. It's only now that I've run out of my Stage foundation and forced to use an alternative foundation within my make up bag, that i can the difference is huge. Helen É provides so much more coverage and gives a lovely air brushed natural effect. Helen É Concealers do their job perfectly and I love the lipstick range!! Thank you Helen É!

A Williams - Welwyn Garden City
I love this Skin Smoother Double Cream. I'm not good at applying make up so this is perfect for me, i can't go wrong! Also I can use the same one colour suits all makeup through winter and summer as its so easy to match the skin - thank you Helen É

A Towers - London
I love this Photo Finish oil free foundation. I have used it since a young lady used it on me at a Beauty exhibition in Earls Court. It is so easy and works so well I have discarded all my other fluid foundations and powders and just use this with a blusher - wonderful!

N Farooqui - Hereford
Thank you so much for years of fantastic and good quality of makeup, my mum and I love your products and would recommend them to anyone!

L Preece - West Midlands
I don't why but occasionally I try other face products, but always come back to Helen É. Great quality and value!

M Barnes - Cambridgeshire
Love the Photo Finish compact, have been using it since I found out about it 4 years ago at the Vitality Show in London

L Cornthwaite - Manchester
Found this makeup range by chance when looking for a new one to use, in Debenhams!

S Saeed - Birmingham
I just wanted to take the opportunity to praise your Cream and Concealer Duo. It is an absolutely incredible product as it conceals and brightens but it also looks very natural. This is something that I have been unable to achieve with all other thick concealers. I thank you for developing this great product and I definitely think that that the Helen É brand deserves more promotion and recognition. I would be happy for this comment to be posted in a review.

V Clayton - Devon
I discovered Helen É at Gardeners World NEC. Both my daughters and I bought 'the deal'.
The make-up is fabulous and would have no hesitation in recommending Helen É to family and friends.
My eldest has used most of hers, so it's good that I can order her a gift for Christmas on line

K Pitt - West Midlands
So glad I found this make up Skin Smoother, my skin glows and doesn't settle in wrinkles... I will recommend to all my friends... thank you!

R Tayler - Leicester
The Stage eye primer really works on those 'more mature' eyes and for anyone with the dreaded dark circles!

A Connell - Stockport
I started using Helen É products when I was shopping in Debenhams and was approached to try the Skin Smoother. I have been hooked on it ever since. Fantastic product!

V Shaw - Bradford
Been using these products for some years now and still highly satisfied with Helen É and the speed of ordering and delivery, thank you!.

J Kelleher - Manchester
This Lip Crayon product is an amazing colour and stays on without bleeding, even after eating

S Taggart - Peterborough
Can't live without my Helen É Skin Smoother, use it every day, fantastic product. Quick and easy to use

H Betts-Patel
Simply can't go without my Love Blush and Skin Smoother. Can't wait for it to arrive!

M Rogers - Barnsley
Stage Liquid Foundation is really good if you have a red complexion, it gives really good coverage and lasts all day

M Davies - Dudley
I used your makeup set years ago and didn't know where to find you as your not in local stores. So I still had your makeup bag with the details on after 9 years and decided to Google you. I am extremely excited to get my order to start wearing this makeup. It truly brings out your best features and make me feel confident in my own skin. I would recommend it to all I meet. I will keep my reviews coming!

A Brydon - Darlington
I have used your Matt Beige Intensse Eyeshadow for a long time, it's lovely on ladies who are a little older as it doesn't sit in creases and gives the eyelid a smooth look

S Wilkie - London
Double Cream is the best ever foundation!

K Hill - Dudley
I used your makeup set years ago and didn't know where to find you as your not in local stores. So I still had your makeup bag with the details on after 9 years and decided to Google you. I am extremely excited to get my order to start wearing this makeup. It truly brings out your best features and make me feel confident in my own skin. I would recommend it to all I meet. I will keep my reviews coming

I Mcguinnity - Glasgow
Double Creme Skin Smoother is the best foundation ever! No problems choosing the right shade the one shade makes all skins look flawless, I love it!

P Eckersley - Leigh
My colleagues at work thought that I had actually undergone a skin blasting treatment because my skin looked so smooth and radiant. It was Skin Smoother Helen É Double Creme Foundation

N Ahmed - Leicester
I always struggled to find a foundation that suited my skin type without looking like I have a lot of make up on, this skin smoother is the best I have ever used, I was introduced to this product at a wedding fair I attended and would never use a foundation again. It leave your skin looking smooth and gives you a lovely coverage without piling on lots of make up. You can also use this over the top of your foundation which I do when going on a night out... Highly recommend!

A Brydon - Darlington
I have used your Matt Beige Intense Eyeshadow for a long time, it's lovely on ladies who are a little older as it doesn't sit in creases and gives the eyelid a smooth look

R Jarman - Bristol
Skin Smoother Double Creme is the only foundation I have tried that doesn't dry out my skin, 5 stars!

L Farmer - Northamptonshire
Bought a promotion makeup kit from the Baby Show and have fallen in love with the skin smoother! I now have an 8 week old daughter as well as a toddler so to have a product that is so quick an easy to apply but makes me feel confident and beautiful - means the world. Thank you for this great product xx

M Baber - Radstock
Always very pleased with your products!

C Donnelly - Birmingham<
Photo Finish is an excellent product.

C McLauchlan - Pembrookshire
Absolutely love this product. Great for my sensitive skin

K Brady - Cheshire
Thank you so much for the concealer i ordered last time. It's perfect for my skin tone. I love it as much as i love the foundation, i've been searching for so long for the perfect day time foundation and i found it here. Thank you!

R Phlora - Kent
I have used Helen É make up for 10 years and still using it without any disappointment.

P Eckersley - Leigh
Lovely smooth foundation - great for workwear, easy to apply and lasts all day

N Preece - Banbury
A friend told me about your make up. Purchased the Photo Finish foundation on Amazon - love it. Easy to apply, looks natural but just finishes the skin off nicely and lasts all day.

C Murphy - Bolton
I really love your Photo Finish face make up, it's so easy to apply and looks really good

K Brady - Stockport
Thank you so much for the concealer i ordered last time. It's perfect for my skin tone. I love it as much as i love the foundation, i've been searching for so long for the perfect day time foundation and i found it here. Thank you!

L Lamplugh - Cleveland
All your Products are lovely well worth the money

V Taylor - Halesowen
Love my Love Blush blusher, use it everyday - fantastic!

C Halliday - Omagh
Amazing quality products! Would highly recommend!

E Adams - Bolton - Contour Kit
Lovely product i have recommended it to everyone

S Roberts - Derby
We love your cosmetics and they are the only ones we use!

R Hughes - Ynys Mon
Love this Skin Smoother!. It glides on with amazing results

H Holmes - Stafford
Always been very satisfied with both your service and your products - thank you!

L Lamplugh -Cleveland
Your products last a long time - best ever!

C Proud - Tamworth
Love your products. Great prices. Have used your skin smoother, concealer, eye shadow, blusher and lip glosses and have loved them all!

D Wareing - Lancashire
I have purchased the Helen É Cream and Concealer Duo previously and I loved it. For some reason over the last year or so I have been using another make of foundation. Recently I have purchased 3 different shades of foundations from various make up companies in the hope of finding the right shade! To no avail! I have wasted in the region of £40 on different products that I don't like and won't wear. I was therefore thrilled to receive a newsletter from Helen É. I instantly knew why I was not happy with my other products. Nothing had come close to the Helen É, one shade foundation I have had before. I love the light, natural feel and the shade does actually blend to your own colouring, giving a natural look that does not appear as though you have shovelled it on! Thanks Helen É, so glad to be reminded of this superb product!

M Robinson - Suffolk
Always happy with your products, excellent quality!

J Homer - Lichfield
I absolutely couldn't be without your Cream & Concealer Duo. After having surgery to remove skin cancer from my nose at the age of 40 (4 years ago), I have used the concealer ever since to cover my scar - It does an absolutely fantastic job and my scar is hardly visible (you can only see it if you know it's there and stand very close to me). I feel far more confident in myself thanks to Helen É - Thank you

R Taylor - Leicester
Always been very happy with the products and excellent service

M Taylor - Romsey
The Photo Finish Oil free make up is suitable for white skin. It provides a smooth finish and is convenient when travelling since it is a no-fuss cosmetic

L McCarthy - Hertfordshire
I have used many brands and types of foundations, powders and creams but never once have i been able to use one every single day. However, since buying the Skin Smoother, i have actually seen an improvement in the condition of my skin and its really helped to keep breakouts under control. I don't know what formula you use, but please please do not ever change it! It's the only thing I've found that works so will be buying this for many years to come - my mother also now uses this (she also has sensitive skin). Once again, thank you!

A Linney - Leicestershire
I love the Helen É Cream and Concealer Duo, couldn't live without it!

F Barrett - Netherlands
I was with friends at NEC last month at the Good Food Show. A lady stopped us and asked us if she could demonstrate make up on our hands, showing us how one colour worked on our four different skin tones. She went on to show us the special show pack which we all thought such good value, we all purchased one. I am just so glad I did. After a coffee stop and investigating the pack, I returned to buy another for my daughter. She was such a nice lady, I felt no pressure at any time just her enthusiasm for the products. When I returned home to The Netherlands and my daughter and I tried the Skin Smoother we agreed it is brilliant and have immediately ordered more from your website. It is the best product I have ever used I have found so many make ups orangey, so hard to get the correct shade also it has a make up smell which I love and have not noticed in make up for years and years. All in all its perfect, and I have not even started on the other products in the pack yet! A big thank you to that lovely lady for stopping us.

V Nolan - Birmingham
Searched long and hard for lip pencils that gave lasting colour and found Helen É Lip Crayon. Perfect!

L Rimington - Hampshire
I first saw you at Earls Court Wedding Fair 4 years ago as I was an exhibitor for a venue, I purchased a goody bag from you with a variety of makeup items as I had never heard of Helen É Cosmetics before the bag was for a good price and I have been wearing your Double Cream Skin Smoother foundation ever since. It is so light and airy and means my skin can breathe and still look radiant!

A Piggott - Cleethorpes
Excellent Double Cream foundation works just as it says

D Reid - Belfast
Helen É Skin Smoother was demonstrated to me by a sales lady in Debenhams. I bought a promotional pack and just love it! Best foundation ever - really good coverage, leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and doesn't smudge or flake on dry skin. Loads of people have commented on it. Love it!!

S Bollom - Swansea
Very happy with the double sided Double Effect mascara as have thin eyelashes and the use of the smaller brush end helps me to avoid getting mascara all over my eyelids

F Ruthvan - Dorset
Love the skin smoother does a great job at evening my skin tone and a great base on own or underneath foundation. Eye lights is brilliant at hiding my dark circles and illuminates my eyes making them look fresh and bright :)!

A Griffiths - Worcestershire
Absolutely love Helen É and have done for years!!!

S Kenny - Manchester
I just wanted to let you know about my recent experience when visiting Debenhams in the Trafford Centre. After visiting many brands in Selfridges (Nars & Mac) I couldn't find a suitable lip pencil & neither could the sales person, because, apparently the lipstick I needed to match or get close to was "difficult" and It would be "better to buy another lipstick that could be matched easily!" I was disappointed with the fact I couldn't get a lip pencil in the right shade. After looking at Chanel & Ysl, I came across Helen É. As I browsed the counter, a friendly assistant approached to ask if she may help me. As soon as I mention that I needed a lip pencil and showed her the colour, she picked up two lip pencils and matched it perfectly immediately, impressed was not the word! Wow, I was absolutely amazed! The assistant was called Hannah and I wanted to contact you to advise you that In this day and age, I feel customer service is a massive part of any buyer experience. Hannah not only was amazing but also her knowledge of your brand communicated in a soft and informal manor, made this, possibly the best customer service & purchase I have received in ages! Not only is the pencil fantastic, but the service I received made me realise that although I would of happily spent £15 at Mac or Nars, I genuinely believe I received the best product, sold to me by a great sales person, who was approachable and friendly, yet completely professional. I completely felt at ease as I browsed over other items on the counter at my own leisure, The reason I have sent this email is because I feel your brand (that I had not heard of before) deserves not only recognition for its make up quality but also your choice in advisors. My all round experience and Hannah's fantastic sales ability deserves credit. Some people are quick to complain at bad service, I feel good service should be highlighted and almost a week later I still feel amazed at how easily Hannah matched the product and my needs whilst complimenting the brand and how it works.I am a converted and will be loyal customer!
Well done Hannah who is a credit to the brand and well done Helen E, great product, amazing price, fantastic! I can not thank you enough!

K Mills - Peterborough
The Double Cream is the best product I have ever used, far superior to any foundation I have tried.

A Adam - Manchester
Helen É Cosmetics are amazing and affordable

M Liem - Totnes
I love I love I love the skin smoother. Wouldn't be without it :)

K Bridgett - Staffordshire
I purchased the Skin Smoother compact earlier this year from the National Wedding Show. I wouldn't be without it now. Best item in my makeup bag!

M Sharpe - Manchester
After using yor Double Cream Skin Smoother, ii will not be changing to any other product!

W Sirett - Birmingham
I have been using Helen É Pressed Powder Bronzer for many years now and would use no other!

A Howlett - Ipswich
I first discovered Helen É products at London fashion week 2009 and have been hooked ever since. I am 48 and always have compliments regarding my make up and skin appearance and frequently asked what products I use. Only this morning I have passed on Helen E details to a friend

J Harrison - Liverpool
Fantastic Double Cream product, wouldnt use anything else!

S Smith - West Yorkshire
I have bought the Skin Smoother several times, I love it! It's my favourite foundation ever! A must have for covering all the spots and blemishes!

H Dudley - Hampshire
I very rarely order the Double Cream from you because they last so long! Thank you for the amazing products I couldn't do without!

S Sutton - Norwich
I LOVE the Photo Finish, this will be my third order! Applied with a brush it does not sit in wrinkles and definitely evens out skin tone. I even used it a couple of times to cover the dark red patches on my face, the reaction to a skin cancer treatment with Efudex cream, so that I could go out in public without embarrassment. It caused absolutely no irritation or discomfort. I am not recommending wearing makeup whilst undergoing this treatment, but if you need to on special occasions, I would recommend this product. Thank you Helen É!

M Lyons - Plymouth
Love the shimmer pots!

J Brown - Surrey
Love this Double Cream product - it feels really nice on my skin!

L Jackman - Romford
Tried and bought the Skin Smoother at a Wedding Fair. Use it every day and love it so much we are buying more. Goes on beautifully, comes off easily

N Conlan - Liverpool
Love Helen É Skin Smoother!

T Whyte - Bromley
Love Helen É Cosmetics, can't stop using all my products that I got at the Wedding Fair! Great Deals as well, might have even found a potential present for Mother's Day on here!

H Skidmore - Walsall
I have used Helen É Double Cream for many years and find it can't be beaten. Wouldn't be without it!

I Smith - London
I have been using your Double Cream for several years now it works incredibly well and lasts for a really long time.

Sharon White - Renfrewshire
Can't live without Double Cream foundation palette - great product

P Allen - Walsall
I have always bought my Helen É Bronzer from Debenhams in Birmingham and was most disappointed that you were no longer there! However, I am very glad to have found you online!

S Singh - Edinburgh
Very happy with your products & my purchases. Being of Asian Indian culture, it would be nice to see more foundations etc, created for darker skin tones.

W Schuster - Hefeford
Thanks once again for the best foundation around, excellent service and a website that is brilliantly easy to use!!

H Betts-Patel - West Midlands
There's nothing worse than running out of my Skin Smoother. Perfect product for a great looking complexion

J Walker - Gloucestershire
Excellent products! Delivery could not be quicker and when I have had to contact the company the staff are always extremely helpful - recommend the products and company to all my friends and colleagues!

J Turner - Wolverhampton
I love Helen É products and after many years have found the best make up ever. Thank you Helen É!

L Insley - Burton Upon Trent
I love Helen É products!! Had a trial at a wedding fayre and never looked back!!

L Voughton - Burnley
This Skin Smoother is by far the best makeup item i have ever bought. I was approached by a very lovely lady in a department store who asked if she could try the product on me, i don't normally stop for these people but for some reason i did on this occasion, i was seriously blown away by how easy the skin smoother goes on and how it looks afterwards. I have quite blotchy and patchy skin and am prone to blemishes but this product just makes them all go away! I can't speak about the Skin Smoother highly enough!

L March - Canterbuty
The Double Cream Pallet is the best product I have found which really suits my skin tone

J Mitchell - Dartford
I Love the Double Cream Skin Smoother. Works well as a base coat or concealer!

H Cartwright - Warrington
I absolutely love your products. I enjoy recipeving the latest offers and treating myself to a new item in my make up bag!

C Anthony -Nr Bargoed
Pressed Powder Diva is the best i have ever purchased! lasts a long time too...i cannot praise them highly enough. Thank you Helen É ...Merry Christmas xx

J Turner - Wolverhampton
I bought some of your products from the clothes show and they are FANTASTIC, I am now buying more of your products and cannot wait for them to arrive!

J Ward - Ryton
Not a great lover of foundations etc but this Double Cream and Translucent Pressed Powder is fantastic! It stays on and you hardly know it is there, perfect finish and excellent value for money!

N Hussian - Birmingham
I have been using Helen É products for 5 years now. I love the Skin Smoother; the best on the market! And the lipglosses are absolutely AMAZING!! Far better than their more expensive counterparts, in quality and colour!

Thank you Helen!

C Sugden - Leicester
Never worn foundation untill I found Helene É Great Double Cream Skin Smoother and the Cappuccino Lipstick!

K Woodley - Milton Keynes
Love these Double Cream pallets, they really do suit any complexion and last for ages, I use this product daily and it outlasts any other foundation I have ever used by 3 times at least so saves money too!

M Malloy - Birmingham
I have been using Helen É since my daughter bought it as a Christmas present in 2004. I wouldn't use any other and my Granddaughter uses it as well!

J Sutherland - Fraserburgh
Love the Photo Finish Oil Free Formula, wear it every day to work and on nights out!

T Gallagher - Birmingham
I have been using Helen É Skin Smoother for over 4 years and could not live without it! It’s the best make up I have used. Once you try it you will never do without it!

J Cooper - Bristol
Excellent products - highly recommended, as well as fast efficient service!

Y Mitchell - Uckfield
I have been using Helen É Pressed Powder Diva for at least 5 years. I am often asked if I''ve been on holiday but my healthy looking complexion is all thanks to this product, just love it!!

G Dimitriadis - London
I have been using Double Cream Skin Smoother palette for more than ten years now! Tried some other brands - YSL, Dior, Mac, Bobi Brown but had to go back to Helen É!

N Pidgeon - London
This product that I am ordering and have done now for a number of years - the Double Cream Skin Smoother is exceptional in giving the ultimate skin finish.

C Holland - Bognor Regis
Love the Double Cream Skin Smoother ..................looks great and is not over priced!

C Tidma - Birmingham
Until the Hair and Beauty show at the NEC this year I had been looking for a face cream/makeup that would cover my cheek redness. I was unable to find one that left me looking natural and without that heavy makeup feeling. That was until i tried the skin smoother. I have been extremely pleased with the coverage and the lightness of this product. I have also recommended it to numerous people and i have had many comments from people on how my skin looks when using this product. I am extremely grateful to the lady that stopped me and demonstrated this product as now i can hold my head up and not be embarrassed anymore of my cheek redness........Many thanks for my new found confidence!

L Davey - Portugul
I've been happy with your products for nearly 15 years and don't intend to change now

V Eaden - South Africa
The Double Cream palette is a winner! I have been ordering from South Africa for 5 years now!

J Spencer - Staffordshire
My sister recommended your Skin Smoother to me and brought it for me as a gift. I think it is a wonderful product and I use it all the time now!

C Murphy - Bolton
I love your photo finish oil free formula - so easy to use and great effect

P Goss - Kent
I love your make up but please note not everyone lives in a city and it is very difficult to get passed this in supplying details!!! I do not live in a city and it is taking a long time to place this order to find something that your screen accepts as a 'city'.

J Whitehead - Canterbury
Excellent product I would never use anything else!

E Brown - Dumbarton
I love your make-up especially for the hot weather and I have recommended it to other people. Easy to apply and suits every skin - amazing.

J Nelson - Larne
I love the Helen E range. I have always suffered from blemished skin and have spent lots of time and money trying to fix it. I started using oil free photo finish foundation about 2 years ago and rarely have any break outs.

B Newman - Bristol
I purchased both the yellow concealer and liquid foundation at a Wedding Fair I went to with my daughter in Manchester earlier in the year and absolutely love these products. I have rosacea and so need a foundation which covers well and stays put. Helen E foundation certainly does that and with the use of the concealer my skin looks good all day long.

S Wadey - Kent
I have been buying the Skin Smoother for a few years and have used it every day since discovering it. It's brilliant!

H King - London
I love the Long Lasting Lip Colour - it is the best lippy I have ever used!

C Hannington - London
Hi, I used your product before and have never found a foundation so good. I am getting married on the 12th July!

Y Rathbone - West Midlands
I have bought the Oil free foundation previously and have always been exceptionally impressed with the quality and the fact that it feels so light on my skin

S Whitehouse - West Midlands
So easy to use the Cream and Conealer make up -no matching just apply love it!

L Davey - Portugal
After 10 years, I am still very happy with Helen É Cosmetics!

B Hanway - Farnworth
I bought Helen É products from the Trafford Centre and have been very pleased with them. I have sensitive skin & cannot wear many products but I had no problems with Helen É

L Page - Worcester
The Double Cream palette is a fabulous product and great value! Wouldn't consider buying anything else now:) my skin has a lovely healthy natural glow.

S Turner - Nottingham
I tried an eyeshadow and matt foundation at the show in Birmingham, instantly loved it and want to experiment some more with other colours and products you have available

H Betts Patel - West Midlands
I've tried other foundations but after using Helen É, they just don't compare and I keep coming back for more! Delivery is always lightning fast too!

B Hanway - Farnworth
I have just bought mattifying pressed powder & I am very pleased with it. Through stress I have developed acne on my chin & this is the only thing that covers it & doesn't make it worse. Thanks very much.

P Pearson - Knottingley
I have been using make-up for more years than I would like to mention lol nut Helen É is by far the best. I particularly love the Double Cream Palette and the Cheek Radiance

S Allington - Leeds
I was introduced to Helen É by a lovely lady in Debenhams Wakefield. After buying everything, I needed for the look. Really delighted with the products. Fabulous - converted!

G Brown - Surrey
I have used Helen E Cream Palette for 5 or so years now and I am still very happy with the quality of the product. It lasts for ages and the price has barely changed over the years either (witch is rare these days) I will be sticking to this great product for as long as it is sold. A very happy customer!

S Hough - Cheshire
I don't buy often, but I always buy your product, when I do - thank you!

E Hughes - Doncaster
love the Stage liquid foundation, really suites my skin!

S Gloyne - Staffordshire
I have used the Skin Smoother Double Cream foundation for quite a few years now and have not used anything else since!

R Shackleton - Barnsley
I love these products so much I am re-ordering using your discount voucher. Lots of special offers to tempt!

T Partridge - Oldbury
A stunning range of individual products! The only makeup I buy and wear. Well worth the money u pay! And the beauty cubes are divine!

J Rawlings - Leeds
Helen e cosmetics are my favourite brand of make-up, I love the shimmer eye powders they look very professional and are so easy to blend. My orders have always been despatched and received quickly so I'm never without my favourite items.

M Lewis - Marlborough
I've loved this lip gloss and use it loads, the colour Chestnut is fab!

S Inger - Birmingham
Love this Double Cream Palette, have been using it for many years now and have tried other makes but always come back to Helen É

L Rowley - Cirencester
Excellent products the best I've ever bought!

E Camilar - London
The only products that I put on my face as my skin is extremely sensitive. Really happy that I found Helen É

I Cole - Swindon
Just love your make-up it's that simple!

R Meehan - Bournemouth
I couldn't be without my wonderful Eyeliner with Smudger in bronze! It's perfect for my skin colouring and lasts all day!

L Sealey - London
Love your lip crayons and will be ordering more!

A Ward - Suffolk
I am really happy with the customer service I have received. I contacted your team via facebook and they were very helpful - Thank you x

C Lightowlers - Lancashire
Still loving the Photo Finish. Nothing else on the market compares. Best foundation I have ever used!

H Sawyer - Darlington
Really looking forward to recieving my new products, my good friend has been using them for years and saying how great they are so bought some at the Clothes Show and love them!

M Jiggins - Surrey
All products fantastic, have used them for years and recommended to many!

W Medicke - Swansea
Since I have been introduced to this makeup I have enjoyed blemish free skin. Does not leave my skin feeling oily and suits my skin tone. Been complemented on the natural look it provides. Love it!

Y Mitchell - Uckfield
I have used Helen Diva Powder for 5 years now and would never use anything else on my face. It beats using foundation anytime and makes you look like you have a constant tan. Just love it!!!

S Tasewell - Bristol
I love the fact that Helen É Cosmetics are not only animal friendly, they're also excellent quality and value for money. Love them!

D Blumire - Northamptonshire
I have been using Helen E products for the past 3 years and can't imagine wearing anything else now. It doesn't matter what your skin tone is like or what blemishes you have on your face the makeup produces a wonderful complexion

B Wilson - Peel
I attended a demonstration in Debenhams many years ago and have used the Double Cream Palette ever since. I am now 73 and always have a good complexion. Thank you. I also use the powder blusher which is also perfect.

L March - Canterbury
I love this Skin Smoother product. I have a very dry skin and have never found a foundation suitable until I found this one. Since using it I have had a lot of flattering comments about my skin too!

B Mason - Leicester
I have ordered this make up quite a few times and find it excellent, especially for covering my rosacia

P Pearson - Wakefield
Just love your products. Best make up I have ever used.

M Whittington - Kent
I love your eye pencil with smudger - easy to put on and smudge and it stays ON for hours without rubbing off when I blink throughout the day like others that I've tried. Really soft and creamy to put on too!

H Farrow - Lancashire
I have used Helen É products for a few years now and very satisfied with them. All seem to blend easily and the Matte Beige Intense Eye Shadow is perfect for not creasing in my eye lines and softly blending the lid to a smooth even looking skin surface on an older person's eye lid. I then highlight the top and bottom of my lid with a slightly shimmering shadow across the brow to open up the eyes.

V Collins - Croydon
Nice to see a beauty company catering for black and Asian skin tones!

M Elliott - Cambs
Double Cream Compact and Love Blush are long lasting and look good all day!

C Proud - West Midlands
I have used the Intense Eye Shadow matt beige for some time, it is the best eye shadow I have tried, it is creamy and smooth and great for not creasing mature eyes!

M Parker - North Ayrshire
Thank you for the great service, I love your products!

K Harrison - County Durham
I have been using the same Double Cream palette for 9 years since an initial trial at the wedding show at Birmingham NEC. I have tried other products from various manufactures but nothing compares to the even tone and quality of the Helen É product

E Brown - Scotland
Purchased your Skin Smoother make-up at Debenhams store and it's so easy and quick to use. Perfect colour!

L Rimington - Hampshire
Normally very fast delivery! Make up is amazing been using it for 2 years now!

I Sloan - Northern Ireland
The make-up is the best ever. I started wearing it in March this year and both my daughters changed to it alsoto this in march would Would recommend it to everyone!

B Roberts - Oxfordshire
Tried your products at the Clothes Show a couple of years ago, really impressed!

A Miller - Derbyshire
Great site, easy to use and looks great!

J Patel - Surrey
Photo Finish is a lovely product!

J Whitehead - Canterbury
Double Cream is an excellent product, I would not use anything else!

S Powell - Blackpool
I'm a professional make-up artist and always have to have Helen É Skin Smoother foundation in my kit. It's amazing. It's adapts to most skin tones making it a must-have product to use on my clients. Thank you!!

D Fairhurst - Lancashire
I've tried a lot of different thickening, lengthening mascara, but none of them have worked as well as Helen É Colour Magnification. My lashes are in better condition than ever, and the coloured mascaras really stand out.

D Thomas - Cardif
Amazing! love this make up!

W Schuster - Hereford
I have never come across a foundation that is so easy to use. It goes on so easily with a sponge application pad and covers my skin so evenly. It is long-lasting and I wouldn't use anything else. It's brilliant!

J Wood - Coventry
Best products I have found for my skin, which is quite sensitive and very fair. Simple to use, great results and excellent value for money. Web purchasing service is very good

H Driver - Cambridge
Fantastic Facebook offer! Thank you! Will definitely be back

H Clancy - Hastings
I love your products that I have used so far!! Thank you

B Watson - Shropshire
Love these fab offers, the whole make-up range is lovely to use and long lasting... I'm on my 2nd lip gloss now.. .colours are amazing!

H Purvis - Wakefield
Double Cream is best foundation I have ever used. I have never been able to choose which colour to get for my skin, with this it is right for any skin!

G Milligan - Ayr
This is lovely foundation. Very natural and light with a flawless covering. This is the product I repeat purchase -Double Cream!

D Noah - Leicester
I had a make over in Debenhams Manchester and was very impressed with the make up!

N Hensford - Southampton
Love the products! I have been using the bronzer and yellow concealer since I was 18 and iIm now 27. They are great value for money and the last!

L Cromack - Goole
Discovered Helen É at the clothes show Live 2012 and addicted ever since, the Double Cream is amazing. Have also added the blush and concealer to my collection and now can't wait to try my new eye pencil.

L Lynch - Hampshire
Fantastic product, I haven't found anything else to match your Double Cream - Excellent!

J Jones - Shropshire
This is the best make up I have found for my skin type. Blends well and looks natural!

N Cardwell - Yorkshire
I'm a returning customer, great products. The stage makeup gives a fabulous finish and really does look great in photos. I find the Helen É Eyelights a far better under eye highlighter than the most famous one!

K Skiggs - Bexhill
Best bronzer I have ever used, would never change!

E Stones - London
I love your products! The Skin Smoother Cream palette blends away every imperfection and it's so subtle that my friends assume I am make-up free! Result!

M Daynes - Warwickshire
I have used the Double Cream Skin Smoother for many years now as it is the only one i can find that suits both my skin tone and colour

L Rodgers - Yorkshire
Absolutely loved the Skin Smoother I got at the Birmingham NEC back in December 2012.  This gives the best coverage I have ever had and was pleased to be able to use my online discount voucher to purchase my 2 items. Can't wait to receive them!

L Bunkham - Plymouth
Love Helen É Skin Smoother and blusher, use it everyday, and have been for past 4 years!

S Claydon - Suffolk
Have been using Helen É since I first tried it about 8 years ago. Would never have anything else,  easy to use and easy to choose

B Watson - Shropshire
Absolutely love Helen É, your make up is so light and easy to apply. I don't get an allergic reaction to any of the make-up which was a big problem that I used to have. Thank-you!!!

Y Read - West Midlands
Your cosmetics are lovely,  they suit my daughter and myself.  My order always arrives within the stated time and packaged well to avoid damage. Would recommend to others!

L March - Canterbury
I love the Double Cream Skin Smoother and have been using it for over a year now!

L Begley - Brisburn
I tried the Double Cream Skin Smoother in Debenhams, however i could not purchase it on the Debenhams website.  I loved it hence the reason for ordering!

J Jones - Halesowen
Just started using 'Photo Finish' oil free make up - brilliant - Jenny xxx

J Williams - Cardiff
Your products are very compatible with my skin and I love their natural finish at the same time giving good coverage. your offers to existing customers are very welcome - keep them coming!!!

J Patel - Surrey
Double cream and photo finish and both excellent makeup for my skin. Fantastic products!

C Hoy - Liverpool
The site is really easy to navigate and even gives suggestions for your colouring

J Whitehead - Canterbury
I have used this product for 2 years now having previously used Estee Lauder/Elizabeth Arden and this is by far the best result.  It is smooth and with an understated look which I love, bearing in mind that I am 80 yerars old.

R Fish - Cardiff
Used Cream and Concealer Duo for a few years now, amazing product, would never use anything else!

N McGookin - Newtownabbey
I bought the Photo Finish foundation at the Wedding Journal Show in Belfast and fell in love with it. It made my skin look amazing and it feels like I'm not wearing any make up because it is so light. It last for hours as well which I didn't expect!! After trying it I have decided it's definitely the make up I will be wearing on my wedding day.

M Collins - Oxford
I recently purchased and used a black nail varnish from your collection and felt compelled to write to you to say how thoroughly impressed I am with it. Not only did it dry quickly but did not need multiple coats and has stayed looking great for nearly 2 weeks with no chips! I am totally amazed! I shall definitely be using this product again!  Well done and keep up the good work!

E Waight - Cheshire
I was approached by a Sales Adviser in Debenhams Manchester who asked me to try out the Skin Smoother as part of a special £10 deal which included eye shimmer and/or eyeliner. At first I was a bit doubtful because I've never liked the heavy, greasy feeling of foundation and stuck to cheap powders just to take the shine off my face. However, when the lady applied the Skin Smoother, peach blusher and eye shimmer I absolutely loved it! The smoother was soft, light and dewy and when applied with a foundation brush looked so refreshing and natural. The blusher and eye shimmer were also beautiful so I thought I'd use my £10 off voucher which was also included in the deal to buy myself some make-up brushes and concealer pot. Overall I think the quality and price is absolutely brilliant and I'd recommend Helen É cosmetics to all my friends and family. Thanks for restoring my faith in quality make-up! :)

B Mangham - West Yorkshire
I just love the Skin Smoother, it looks so natural and is excellent to take away on holidays where my skin will be changing colour due to the sun as it matches all skin colours. So many people have commented on my skin looking lovely when I wear it... I am definately hooked!

A Smith - Australia
Thank you for the very prompt response to my email enquiry. I look forward to receiving your products as I have never found anything that matches the quality of Helen É products since I first bought them while on a trip to Birmingham in 2001.

M Elliot - Cambridgeshire
The Double Cream is a very good product can wear all day without feeling you need to take it off also not oily or shiny, looks natural!

J Barton - Cheshire
Love this product, I bought on impulse in Debenhams and it's been the best and cheapest face makeup I have ever used. My 17 year old daughter now uses it, again she (or should I say I')have been paying out for expensive makeup so her skin doesn't get damaged and it really has been the best-Thank's for a decent makeup without the expensive price tag!

D Miller - Scotland
Bought your Skin Smoother for my daughter who does Irish Dancing and wears make up whilst on stage, this is a very natural foundtion matches any skin tone and last all day. Fab finish!

S Taylor - Northamptonshire
I bought this product at the Wedding show at the beginning of the year. Have loved the product and am now buying it for relatives!

G Psara - Kent
Still enjoying fabulous Helen É products 8 years on!

K Smedley - Birmingham
After Using the One Colour suits all Skin Smoother that I bought at the NEC Wedding Fair, I have been amazed at the results...So much so that I have bought another one just in case it runs out....As a red head with Fair Skin, I have always struggled to find a "foundation product" that gives me the right shade with out being too dark, or too light.... I would recommend any Fair skinned woman out there to give this a try!

V Dawson - Leicestershire
I love the Double Cream Skin Smoother and I know that as soon as I place my order it will be dispatched quickly and correctly!

M Weir - Scotland
I love the Double Cream Skin Smoother and can't believe how long it lasts!

H Hartley - Somerset
Love the Double Cream, best foundation base I have ever used!

E Hunt - Cornwall
I was initially sceptical about purchasing a 'one colour suits all' foundation, but Photo Finish Oil Free Make Up is fantastic!

C Waterhouse - Radstock
Absolutely adore your make-up! As a pale person I find it hard to find a suitable foundation but thanks to you, I've found the perfect match!

C Jeffrey - Kent
Love, love, love your products!

K Lloyd - Birmingham
I love Helen É Cream and Concealer Duo, it makes my skin feel fresh, luminous and gorgeous. It covers all my blemishes and doesn't irritate my eczema!

L Oram - Milton Keynes
Photo Finish is the best make up I have EVER used! It makes my skin look fantastic! Since using this product at a Helen É party, I have not used anything else.

R Taylor - Preston
Love Helen Eacute; make up! Been wearing it for two years now, light natural coverage!

A Nichols - Leicestershire
I have problems with redness of the skin on my face, and this is the best product i've found. Over the past few years I have introduced several people to Helen É products because they suit all skin types, and ages. The creams and powders are easy to apply. Delivery has always been before the estimated delivery date.

C Anthony - Swansea
I am always pleased with the products. Being 67 yrs young, I have never found make up suitable for me until i saw a display in Debenhams Cardiff 4 or 5 yrs ago. The service is second to none and i have not been disappointed once with anything i have purchased from you. Thank you Helen É

Z Hinchcliffe - Doncaster
Hi there! I just wanted to say a big thank you for your fabulous Skin Smoother Cream and Concealer Duo Compact. While shopping in Debenhams last Sunday with mum and best friend we were introduced to your product. It’s so easy to use and really does give a perfect all over colour that blends with your own skin tone. You have 3 very satisfied customers!

M fuller - Nottingham
I went to my daughters wedding fair where we both discovered the Helen É products as a package offer. I loved the natural coverage the Duo Skin Smoothe Cream gives. I am also a fan of the mascara as its the only one that stays on my eye lashers and not under the eyes like most i have tried. Thank you Helen É from a happy Mrs Fuller!

M Sharpe - Manchester
I love the Double Cream Compact!

M Raynor - West Yorkshire
Love this lipgloss, I got it free a while ago through a magazine deal and think its brilliant, its the only one I've found that actually isn't sticky and ive tried a lot and paid a lot until now... thanks

S Dodd - Northampton
I’ve used your products for some time, after having a makeover in a Debenhams and then purchasing some. I absolutely love the Cream and Concealer Duo, and nearly out of it, so needed some more before being totally out, would be so happy to recommend to anyone!

M Elliot - Cambridgeshire
I love the Double Cream product as it covers well and does not look false,perftect for my skin and skin tone!

F Tonkinson - West Midlands
Love your products and range of colours.  The mousse is really effective in this hot weather, a little powder on top and no shine ALL DAY! Brilliant

L Roberts - Lincolnshire
First started using Helen É after a demonstration at a wedding fayre I attended with my daughter, now my daughter has been married 7 years and I have two darling little grandchildren. My daughter, bridesmaids and myself were won over and have all been constant users of Helen É ever since and would not switch to anything else!

S Cole - Herefordshire
I have been using your products for for 6 years plus now. I have recommended you to my family and friends. Even my 20 year old daughter loves your products. You don't feel like you are wearing make-up. 10/10 for your products and customer service. Thankyou!

N Godwin - Chesterield
I bought Photo Finish in a goody bag at The National Wedding Show, it is a lovely product and suits my pale complexion in the winter and my tanned skin in the summer, a fab all rounder, easy to apply and a nifty compact too!!

L Davey - Portugal
I have been happy with your products for more than 10 years and wouldn't dream of changing to anything else. Thank you!

R Flower - Sheffield
I have been using Helen É Double Cream palette for just over 5 years now and I will not use anything else on my face, it's wonderful!

D Jenkins - Lancashire
I have just started using Helen É makeup, I have sensitive skin with uneven skin tone. I am very pleased with the Cream and Concealer Duo that I purchased and the quality of the makeup brushes. The make-up feels light and lasts well.  I don't like heavy makeup and can get breakouts with some makeup. I am going to try the mascara out next!

J Walker - Gloucestershire
Bought foundation at Three Counties Show in July and was really impressed - straight on the web to order some more!

B Warburton - Bolton
Always so pleased with your products, been using the face make for years now.

D Collins - Coventry
Really love your cream palette. I haven't found another product that even comes close. Have been using cream palette since 2004

B Pederson - Denmark
Double Cream palette is absolutely not possible to do without. The extreme welcome I received by the girls in Debenhams and help in finding products I will never forget. I love Debenhams and consequently bought a lot of other stuff there.

M Thackray - Wakefield

R Wise - Birmingham
The oil free Photo Finish foundation is amazing, so easy to apply just love it!!

R Asoro - London
i started using Helen É make up after purchasing it at a Vitality show in London. I have not needed any other make up since and my skin is sensitive and previous make - up brands caused a rash. With Helen É make up, I don't have that problem!

S Kelly - Telford
I love Helen É products and have recommended them to my friends, each item lasts such a long time that they are great value for money.

V Jameson - London
I absolutely love the glitter pots, they are amazing as eye make up and also to glam your lippy up! the best ever!!!!

M Elliot - Cambridgeshire
I like Helen É make up as it works well for me and enjoy the ease of use and no flaws or excess make to wipe off. It is not oily or false looking and stays put all day with some re - application. Best high street brand!

N Williams - Birmingham
I brought the make up set from the wedding show in Birmingham back in 2007 and have never used anything else since, the make - up adapts to my face tone perfectly weather. I would recommend to anyone and have done, friends have brought make - up and have been as happy as I am

S Harding - Hambleside
Shopped With You For A Few Years Great Product And Great Service Thank You

A Wyatt - Gwent
The Skin Smoother is fabulous. It's the first foundation I've tried that actually covers spider veins and gives a natural looking finish

R Forrest - Sheffield
I love the Cream and Concealer Duo - it makes my face look flawless!

S Thornton - Northampton
The products are lovely, I especially like your eyeliners and lip glosses

V Rodgers - Hartlepool
Product is excellent value for money. Service and delivery is first class. Excellent in all respects

B Wilson - Isle Of Man
I have been buying your products for many years since I attended a demonstration at a department store on a visit to Birmingham.. No other products have given me the satisfaction I need through the changes in my age. The service and friendliness on the telephone and postal service are always excellent.

S Harvey - West Midlands
I have been using this product for at least five years and have not found anything better

C Melling - Chippenham
After purchasing a few items from 'The Clothes Show Live' in London, I was particularly impressed with the 'Cream and Concealer Duo' so have come to buy some more, well worth the money!! Thanks :)

K Edge - Cardiff
My names Kate and I'm an 18 year old student. I first bought Helen É makeup when I was 16 from the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham. The product I bought was the Cream and Concealer - foundation Duo. I have to say I have tried a lot of foundations since and am yet to find one as effective as Helen É's. I had never come across a compact duo that could totally transform your skin without it feeling heavy and clogging up your pores. I am so impressed with Helen É makeup and have recommended it to as many people as possible and think that the makeup is such high quality for a small price and I just want to thank you for creating such a fab product that completely hides blemishes and bags under the eyes yet still looks natural. I often have people asking “are you wearing any makeup?” Because it blends in so well with my fair skin! I am now going to try out the other products which I am sure are of the same greatness as the Duo!

V Taylor - Scotland
I have been using your makeup for 6 years and no others can beat it. The Double Cream palette is fab!

J Cooper - Bristol
I have used the Double Cream Palette for several years now and am very pleased with the result, I have tried other products in between but revert back every time as they make my skin look too dry (being a lady of mature years).... Customer Service and Delivery has always been excellent!

C Goldenburg - Southend On Sea
I received a free colour gloss with a newspaper promotion and absolutely loved the product. It does what it says on the tin!

D Summerill - Wales
I first heard of Helen É through KGB deals. I was very impressed with the quality of the makeup and shall continue to use it. Especially the Oil Free Photo Finish. Excellent, would highly recommend!

G Davis - London
My daughter has been using your lipsticks for ages, and she suggested to meto try which I did. I think they are excellent!

J Wood - Coventry
Wonderful products, simple to use, always great service. Would always recommend!

M Thacker - Staffordshire
I bought a selection of your items from the show at the NEC. Everything is wonderful and good value for money. The concealer does just that, the mascara is really lovely to apply, and the rose colour gloss is gorgeous. I feel ten years younger with the Helen É Cosmetics!

M Nowak Gilmore - Canada
I use seldom make - up, but I do, then only Helen E. You are the best, have been using it for at least a decade. Nothing compares

K Randle - Coventry
I love the Crème and Concealer Duo foundation, and I get some great comments from people about my complexion when I wear it..... Highly recommended!

McCulloch - Harpenden
I am delighted with our previous purchases and have therefore decided to order another product. Thank you very much for your customer service and cannot wait to buy again for this website.

S Entwistle - Skipton
I purchased the Double Cream Compact a few years ago and have been very pleased with it. I do not use much makeup as I am a natural Titian Blonde, very few grey hairs, and have great trouble finding suitable products to suit my colouring. I am 68 yrs of age and it is very easy to look 'over done' unless you are careful.

J Preece - Telford
Best ever, I will never use anything else, for a busy mum 5 minutes flat and your makeup is done. No orange face, no blend lines, absolutely amazing! Try it and you will never swap back!!!!!

N Riaz - Halifax
I first tried your products at Debenhams and I think your foundation is amazing it literally takes a few minutes in the morning and I’m done! Many Thanks

N Garriock - Surrey
I have very dry sensitive skin, your Double Cream palette is the best foundation I have ever used and doesn't cause my skin to flake. Lovely natural finish without making me look as though I have used fake tan!

S Wilkie - London
Love this product, best colour for my skin, I'm 60 and l must say it hides quite a few dark freckles and lines without being thick, together with the concealer, I'm ordering the double as I still have the concealer, have tried other good makes, but l had to find this one again. Sue

L Preece - Smethwick
Have recently tried Bare Essentials and Max Factor foundations, both have brought me out in spots and the coverage was not good. I love your skin smoother, nothing else compares. So easy to apply, great coverage and no allergic reaction! Customer for life. Thank you, Helen É.

C Sullivan - Northampton
I am really impressed with the Helen É products I have had so far. I got the goody bag for an amazingly low price of £10 and I love the double cream palette and glamour pink lipgloss. I also got one of your lip crayons that were on offer last week. My work friends have been saying how good I look lately so I reckon that's down to you! Many thanks Claire

J Stede - Cardiff
I really like your lip crayons. The colours are lovely and the consistency is great - applies really smoothly, and lasts well too!

R Johnson - Cleavland
I love your products, wouldnt be happy using any other foundation or bronzer!! x

S Kaur - Birmingham
I have been using your products for the last 8 years and love the feel of them on my skin, very light and natural looking. This is the second time I have used the website, the first being Friday. I ordered on Friday and received the goods today, which is why I have placed today’s order. Great products great service!

C Anthony - Wales
The products I have bought from you have been the best I have ever used. I am 66 yrs of age, searched all my adult life for products to suit my skin.... so glad I bought from a demonstration in Cardiff a few years ago... haven’t bought anything other than Helen É since.... thank you...... Carol Anthony

D Fergusun - Herts
I've used Helen É Double Cream palette and Pressed Powder for years. It is the only make - up that has ever earned me compliments and I find it very easy to apply.

E Peelman - Belguim
I'm 62 years old now and your cream and concealer duo gives my face a very natural and soft look, so I'm very happy to know your products (since a visit to London) thank you!

Nicola McLoughlin - London
I love the Cream and Concealer Duo, never before has my make up lasted all day and I suffer from oily and dry skin. This product has given me my confidence back. I would recommend this to everyone.

This review is from: Helen E Cream and Concealer Duo 20g
I have been trying different foundations for ages now, trying to find one that looks natural and blends in properly to my very pale skin.
At the Christmas gift fair recently at the NEC I got a brilliant promotion deal beauty box which included this item, along with a lip gloss, eye glitter, double ended mascara and £10 online voucher for only £10 and what a bargain that turned out to be!
This foundation/concealer duo is fantastic! My skin looks natural and, even better, pretty much flawless. Since wearing it I have had some lovely comments off people saying how fresh, healthy and glowing I look. It lasts for a while too, especially with a little powder. The amount of product in the compact looks little but it does go a way as you don’t need to use too much at a time.
It can look a little shiny so I would recommend a translucent pressed powder on the t zone to finish.
Everyone should give this a try! This is the only foundation I will be using from now on :)

This review is from: Helen E Cream and Concealer Duo 20g
I have been using this make up for some time, after a demonstration in my local Debenhams store several years ago. It is great to see that Amazon are now selling it. It is very natural looking. Treat yourself it will be worth it!

K Turner - Herts
Your make up is the best I have used, just love it. My case didn’t return on my recent trip hence the large order!

H Gatt - Wolverhampton
I absolutely love the Skin Smoother, it's the best base make up that I have ever used. I've never believed much in “one shade suits all' but I am quite fair and it suits me and my friend who has a much darker skin tone and it looks lovely on her too!

C Tibbles - Tamworth
I have been very impressed with products purchased at Wedding Show and so have friends who purchased with me. Helen É staff were very friendly and genuine and excellent ambassadors for your company. Best thing there!

P Cureton - Birmingham
I was given some of your products as a gift from my sister. My favourite is the 'Simply Blush' Pressed Powder. I had never used blusher before and was amazed at the difference it made - my face looks so much more attractive (healhy, glowing). If you haven't used it before I would certainly give it a try.

R Smith - Liverpool
This is the best makeup product I have ever used!

C Marshall - Warrington
I have been extremely happy with all the products I have used. They are great value for money and last a long time. As someone with very sensitive skin I have found your products to be gentle and not cause any reaction or dryness. I would recommend you to family and friends if they where looking to change their make up.

H Earle - Gloucestershire
I can thoroughly recommend Helen E's Pressed Powder Bronzer - so quick and easy to use with very good result

L West - Blackpool
Helen É Photo Finish oil free foundation......Life changing!!! xxx

T Armstrong - Birmingham
I absolutely love this product and I have ordered 3 of the same item as it is so good and good value for money it goes on perfect on my face and beats any other product on the current market will continue to purchase this item from Helen É

S Waller - Suffolk
People at work comment about your mascara as I work 14 hour shifts and it's still there at the end unsmudged. Been looking years for a mascara like that!

J Tuczemskyi - Doncaster
My Mum had a 'make - over' at your outlet in Debenhams, Doncaster which prompted her to buy a selection of your products. At her 40th Wedding Anniversary party, so many people commented on how she looked. My mum looked stunning - she'd applied it herself and honestly looked as though she had been made over for a photo shoot. I then just had to have some! It's brilliant stuff - thank you!

K Cox - Leicestershire
The best product range I have come across for a professional and flawless finish. Excellent all round!

L Howard - Rotherham
This website is really easy to navigate; the products are a great price and really suit my skin. I've been using Helen E for the past 8 years and don't plan on changing anytime soon. : - )

K France - Rotherham
I have now used your products for 5 years and not found anything to match the quality and value for money. Well worth trying!

J Taylor - Harlow
I first discovered Helen E at the first Vitality Show and have used them ever since. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to meet Helen herself on the Helen E stand and it made my day. Fab products and brilliant customer service. I can’t recommend you highly enough. Keep up the great work

E Blewitt - London
I absolutely love your products! My favourite is the Double Cream Palette; I haven't got the best skin, but this makes it look so smooth! My only criticism is I wish there was more of it - it runs out too quickly!

C O'Neill - Glasgow
Have tried loads of other brands both cheaper and more expensive and cannot find a better all round product - cannot live without this!!

N Cardwel - Rotherham
Stage foundation is fantastic, excellent coverage but doesn't feel heavy, lasts all day or night!

Sharon Marti – London
Very best wishes to all at Helen-E for the festive season - keep up the fantastic work - wouldn't be without you.

Ms Smith – Birmingham
I first saw your products at a Women's networking event. Your Cream and Concealer palette is the most fabulous product. Previously i didn't wear foundation but this one is so light, blends so well with my fair skin tone and makes my skin look youthful! Brilliant!!!

Mrs Connelly – Scotland
Having recently purchased several items from the Helen É range, can I just say how fantastic they are. I especially love the Pressed Powder Love Blush, which is really versatile, face, lip and eye colour - marvellous, and your little sparkle glitter pots deserve a special mention. I have spent much more money on 'similar' items and have been extremely disappointed with the lack of sparkle - all girls need a bit of sparkle some time! But yours are brilliant, a tiny bit is all you need and the effect is eye-catching - even a 41 year old can wear glitter, honest! I shall certainly be buying Helen É in the future and have already recommended you to friends who complemented my new look.

Ms Taylor – Leicester
I had a free make-over in Debenhams and It was so good that I decided to buy your products, I have been getting compliments ever since and my skin looks flawless and youthful. I am nearly 32 and all my friends keep saying how I don't appear to have any lines round my eyes. I have let them in on my secret and now my friends look great too! What would I do without Helen É products - thank you so much.

C Riddall – South Yorkshire
I just wanted to write to the company after receiving a mini makeover at the Helen-e stand at the Times Creme exhibition 2008 in London this week. The member of staff who I dealt with was very helpful and gave me a brilliant new look, offered me products without being pushy, and provided an excellent service overall. The makeup has been fantastic to use, easy to apply and great value for money. Just thought you ought to know!

Ms Daglish – Gloucestershire
I have never used such fabulous make-up products. They create a glowing complexion and I have never received more compliments that since I have been using Helen É cosmetics. They even made my horrendous pregnancy skin look perfect

Ms Smallwood – Wakefield
I am very impressed with the duo palette. It covers red blemishes on my cheeks without making my skin worse. A wonderful find!

Ms Burke – Ireland
I am fifty plus and have never used make-up before. I was looking for something discreet and your product ticks all the boxes - I love it!

I Shaw – Coventry
I love the natural finish!

E Patel – Surrey
I bought this product for my mum at the weekend from Debenhams and it is excellent. I am fairer than my mum but the colour suits us both which is great.

B Patel – London
The best base ever. Have not used anything else for the past four years!

L Toulson – Northants
I love the cream palette, it goes on so effortlessly and looks great. I would recommend to anyone!

L Hines – Manchester
Dead impressed with the make-up, had loads of comments about how fresh and natural I look!

Ms Williams – Leicester
I have been using your crθme palette for over eighteen months and have converted lots of friends too. It is such a boost when people comment on my glowing skin that looks so natural. A real miracle cream that is great value for money - thank you!

Ms Howell – Kettering
I have been searching for a foundation that looks natural and not thick and cloggy on my face. I have spider veins and red blemishes on my face and I cannot believe that when I use your products they just disappear leaving a very light and natural look.

Ms Hackett – Coventry
It's amazing and it makes my skin look flawless and it doesn't cake or dry out.

Ms Marshall – Leamington Spa
"I work for Boots and we are always getting bombarded with samples of make-up but a shopping trip to Birmingham Debenhams I was offered a make-over it was fantastic, this is the best base I have ever used. It leaves my skin feeling and looking flawless - I never thought it would make me feel so confident - Thank you so much Helen É"

Mrs Watson - Buckinghamshire
I bought all of your products. I am 58 years old and never found a foundation that didn't feel heavy on my skin until now - so natural looking - thank you!

Ms Montgomery - Hampshire
"I bought some of this make-up at the clothes show and I love it. It really does give a natural glow. I have tried every product available from Rimmel to Dior and yours beats them all! Thank you"

Mrs Morgan - Wigan
"May I highly recommend you on your cosmetic products.

I was shopping in Trafford Centre, Manchester last week, when one of your delightful young ladies asked me (in Debenhams) if I would like to try a make-over. I was a bit apprehensive at fist (I'm 55) but bought your Ultimax Bronzer, Cream Palette, 2 brushes etc in a beautiful clutch bag.

I am absolutely delighted with all the products. Over the years I have paid a lot of money for different foundations etc but I can honestly say your cream palette, nude lipstick and Bronzer and the BEST and DO as they young lady said, give real natural coverage. Thank you very much, so reasonably prices too. I have, told all my friends about Helen É it's fantastic!"

Diana Bartlett - Coventry
"Hi, I have been using your products since discovering them at a demonstration in Debenhams. I can honestly say it is the best make up I have ever used. It does not irritate me and looks really good."

Jacky Harber - Glos
"I purchased your products at the xmas craft fair at the NEC, B'ham, great purchase, great products. I will keep ordering from you!"

Alex Smith - Liverpool
"A polish lady did a mini make-over on me and my friend. We bought several items and we love the products."

Ivona Paunovic - London
"This is what I have been looking for all of my life. Thank you Helen É for providing us such a perfect, light and airy make up."

Kelly Agius - London
"I am getting married next year and need a good foundation that works with cameras. I have used your products before and have been pleased with the results."

Christina Mascarenhas - Milton Keynes
"The first foundation that actually makes my skin look good!"

Beryl - Kidderminster
"A friend of mine let me try a sample of your make up and I am very impressed. I am 74 and have a blotchy complexion so I was astounded that your make up does the business."

Emma - London
"I 'discovered' Helen É products when I was at the NEC Clothes Show about 3 years ago - had myself a make over and was hooked! Since then, I've either restocked at shows or ordered over the internet. The bronzer is great and means I wear minimal makeup and still manage to look healthy and 'made up'. I use it as a powder and as an eye shadow which means far less clutter in my makeup bag! A quick sweep of bronzer and I'm good to go! What more could a girl ask for? I hope the team are all well and continue the good work!"

M. Smith - Chessington
"I was totally smitten with the foundation and eye shadow compacts, they are so easy to use, just the right amount to give you a clear even tone."

A. Peacock - Chislehurst
"Not only are Helen É products kind to my skin they look good too, I highly recommend Helen É to everyone!"

C. McArthur - Farnborough
"I feel that Helen É provide a very fast and efficient service with a lovely product range."

Mrs Bullock - Loughborough
"I am so impressed with the Ultimax make-up, I do not have to buy it often as it lasts so long. Even my daughter uses it and she is only 16."

K. Peters - Tunbridge Wells
"Probably the best make up in the world!"

J. Ashford - Halesowen
"I placed an order by telephone late on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning at 7.30a.m. I had received it. Thank you very much to everyone concerned that is what you call first class service". Happy Easter to you all."

C. Dellaway - Caterham
"I went to the Professional Nails Show and bought two sets of your excellent hair clips. They are so fantastic!"

J. Atkinson - Redditch
"After suffering thread veins for many years I was fortunate to be offered a make over. I was thrilled with the result and have since purchased a second compact. I have had several compliments from family and friends on my glowing complexion which in turn has really boosted my self confidence. MANY THANKS."

T Korabova - London
"I was introduced to Helen-E cosmetic range three months ago when a professional make up artist made my make up. I liked it so much that I purchased straight away the promotional package and since then I haven't used any other brand of cosmetics. Using Helen É range soared my confidence as I've got problematic skin and always wanted to achieve this natural, matt, glamorous look. Unfortunately many of the expensive brands currently available on the market can not achieve that look. Helen É is so easy to apply and such a pleasure to use. It's so natural looking that that you can't say if any make up has being used at all. At the same time it enhances one's appearance beyond recognition, creating this natural, healthy but sophisticated look.

I've got so addicted to Helen É make up that I rarely go out without it, even when I just pop out to the shops!!! I received compliments on couple of occasions for wearing such a good make up and this made me feel confident and special. I am still using the promotional package but I am so relieved that you can place an order on the web site as I wouldn't ever use anything else than Helen É make up. Just want to say thank you, guys for the good work and keep it going.
You have created a brilliant make up range that I am sure have transformed many women and have given them a new confidence."

Kathryn Mitchell - Wigan
"Wow!! After having a makeover in a department store by one of your representatives I can't stop telling people about the experience and the product... it just suits me to a T... All my other make- up is gaining dust as it has become redundant, I have been working hard to keep my skin healthy and I have now found a makeup that supports me! Not only was the make up fantastic but the personal service from Jackie (Trafford Centre) was very good, she made me feel glamorous!

I would to like to say thank you to Jackie and the team; your product is my new Holy Grail!!"

Sheila Thorpe
"I was first introduced to your beauty products at the NEC Xmas Festive Gift Fair in 2002 and have continued to buy the Ultimax Double Cream Palette and Bronzer powder ever since. I am a mature lady with very dry, sensitive skin and whilst experiencing adverse effects with some other makes of cosmetics, I have no such problems with your two aforementioned products. The shades give a lovely healthy colour to my skin without looking 'orange' and overcoloured. I also like the fact that the compact fits easily into an evening handbag and unlike a tube where you never quite empty the contents, you can use up every bit of the compact.

I buy the products by mail order and they arrive well packaged the next day, what service! In these days of poor customer service and poor quality products it is refreshing to order with confidence and satisfaction."

Anna - Leominster
"Used my daughter's make up on holiday as my vanity case was stolen on holiday - was amazed at how brilliant it made my skin look. Having to replace all my make up and was so pleased with this new look decided to buy all Helen É products."

Georgia - Birmingham
"I discovered Helen É products at the Wedding Show at the NEC in September 2004. After several years of not being able to find a suitable foundation base, Helen É came to my rescue. I enjoyed having the make over and I have been using the products ever since. I love the fact that it looks so natural and so much so that I will also be using it for my wedding day in May 2005! Thank you Helen É!"

Niala - Birmingham
"I was introduced to this product range by a friend. However I did receive a complimentary by Helen É representatives and was amazed at how light the make up felt on my face. I never use concealer or foundation as I feel that my skin cannot breathe. With Helen É products they allow my skin to breathe. Now I can enjoy flawless skin coverage too."