Questions & Answers

At Helen É Cosmetics, your feedback is important to us and listed below are some of the more frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, e-mail us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Helen Elowe, Founder Director

Can I buy your products from anywhere else other than through your web site?
Yes, although our website is our main retail outlet, you can order over the telephone on 0121 559 3888 or by post using our mail order brochure. We are best known for being in Debenhams stores all over the UK until 2020 and we now operate our retail POP UP counters in various shopping centres throughout the UK.  We also supply selected independent hair, beauty and make-up studios.

We visit large trade and consumer exhibitions.  If you would like to receive our mail order brochure or information on when and where we might next be in your area, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Is Helen É Cosmetics new?
We have been producing the range since 1999, starting with our hugely successful Bronzer, best selling Skin Smoother palette and also our Nubian Beauty range. We continually add new formulas and products to keep up with advances in beauty care technology and also to fulfil our customers’ requests.

Where is Helen É Cosmetics based?
Helen É Cosmetics is a proud UK company, based in the West Midlands. The company was founded by Helen Elowe in 1999 and has grown from strength to strength ever since, supplying premium, desirable colour cosmetics to women worldwide.

Is Helen É Cosmetics make-up tested on animals?

No, Helen É has a strict policy regarding animal testing and none of our products or the ingredients in them is tested on animals.  Many of our products are also suitable for Vegans.

Do Helen É Cosmetics products contain Lanolin?

None of our products contain Lanolin. A full list of ingredients can be found on each product.

Is Helen É good for sensitive skin?

Usually the main irritant in make-up is fragrance, subsequently all Helen É products are fragrance free. All of our products have been formulated to be as gentle on sensitive skin as possible.  It is always advisable to patch test all cosmetics before use.

You say the Helen É Skin Smoother is good for all skin types, why?

Skin Smoother is formulated to retain its natural moisture without feeling oily and heavy and has a similar consistency to a tinted moisturiser. It is also formulated to sit extremely well on oily skin, so you can use it easily whatever skin type you have.

If you have mature skin, it has a fine, soft, lightweight texture so it won’t accentuate wrinkles. It is also ideal for dry skin due to its unique moisturising properties helping the skin to stay smooth looking and supple. If you have an oily or combination skin type, you may wish to try the oil free Photo Finish version of the Skin Smoother.

How does the Helen É Skin Smoother suit all skin tones?

This is a revolutionary approach unique to Helen É Cosmetics. The way the Skin Smoother is formulated means that, unlike some base make-ups that give a heavy, blanket coverage, its ultra fine particles provide you with a smooth, even, fresh looking base. It is the synergy of the Helen É Skin Smoother combined with your natural complexion that gives such outstanding results, providing a flawless canvas for the rest of your make-up.

Which coloured Pressed Powder should I choose?

We recognise that different skin tones require different tones of bronzer to complement them and that is why we have different tones of our versatile coloured Pressed Powders – Simply Blush for extremely fair red heads and women with Celtic complexions; Bronzer for most skin tones, particularly good on women who have redness or a flushed colouring; Love Blush which gives a soft, peachy pink tone to most skin tones, a particular favourite with Brides and younger women and Diva for tanned, olive and Asian skin tones.

For People Of Colour, choose between Nubian Pressed Powder Terracotta and Nubian Pressed Powder Plum which have a higher level of pigments to complement rich skin tones and ensure no ashiness.

Do I need to apply moisturiser beforehand?

It is a good idea as it keeps the skin nourished and prevents dryness. Apply it a few minutes prior to using your make-up to help it glide on and give a beautiful smooth finish.

How do I apply Helen É Skin Smoother?

You can apply it with a dry sponge (no need to dampen it) or you can use a foundation brush. You can use your fingers too, however you will get a more even, finer finish if you use a sponge or brush. We advise against storing a sponge in the closed compact.

How long will the compacts last?

Everyone uses the make-up differently, however the Skin Smoother can lasts around three to five months, while the coloured Pressed Powder (Bronzer) compacts can last around twelve months.

Can I return your products if I am not happy?

For hygiene reasons we are not able to give refunds on any of our products if they have been used. However, if the products have not been used or damaged and if they are returned to us in the original sealed packaging, we will offer you either a refund or a replacement of the product as we deem appropriate.  We will also require a receipt for proof of and date of purchase.  We are not able to refund items that have been purchased in our Big Sale Category.