Incredible yet simple product enables you to style your hair in seven different ways



It is important to patch test all cosmetics before use

Shade selections that are particularly flattering for your colouring are highlighted.

  • Design: Matte Silver medium

  • Design: Matte Silver Diamante large

  • Design: Matte Gold medium

  • Design: Matte Gold Diamante medium


  • Available in 2 lengths – 145mm suitable for normal to fine hair and 185mm suitable for normal to thick hair
  • Pull your hair back into a ponytail
  • If you are right handed twist the ponytail to the left and vice versa
  • As you are twisting the hair, lift the ponytail up to the top of the head against the scalp to form a French pleat
  • Take the clip open only half an inch
  • Keep the back prong flat against the scalp and slide the top prong through the hair pleat as far as it will go

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Matte Gold Diamante medium, Matte Gold medium, Matte Silver Diamante large, Matte Silver medium


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