Incredible yet simple product enables you to style your hair in seven different ways



It is important to patch test all cosmetics before use

Shade selections that are particularly flattering for your colouring are highlighted.

  • Shade: White

  • Shade: Burgundy

  • Shade: Blue

  • Shade: Black


  • Take back your hair into a ponytail and put your ponytail through the hole in the middle of the sophist-o twist and keep it vertical
  • Slide the band down the ponytail keep it nice and tight until you get halfway down
  • Roll the band around the ponytail keeping it vertical at all times
  • When you reach the head continue to twist until the pleat feels as tight as you need it
  • Bend the two ends round and scrunch to secure them in place
  • Tuck any loose ends in behind the pleat
  • Mould the pleat with your fingers for the desired shape

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Black, Blue, Burgundy, White


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